The Brandon presents

Street Scenes: Street Photography and the Moving Image

Opening Wednesday, November 12th

Exhibition runs November 12th - December 12th

The 2014 Houston Cinema Arts Festival (Nov. 12-16) will host a special “Street Scenes” multimedia gallery exhibition at the Brandon Gallery by Café Brasil, this year’s headquarters for “Cinema on the Verge” media art installations and avant-garde screenings. Additional “Cinema on the Verge” screenings and installations will take place at Rice University, the Menil Collection, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and Sundance Cinemas.

“Street Scenes: Street Photography and the Moving Image” will be a gallery exhibition and screening series presenting works by major visual artists James NaresKen JacobsJem Cohen and Cheryl Dunn. Each guest artist will display street photography and video works in the Brandon Gallery and present screenings at the Brandon, Menil Collection and Sundance Cinemas.

The series takes a wide-ranging look at street life as it is stimulated and captured by cameras. The film series begins with Everybody StreetCheryl Dunn’s illuminating film of street photographers at work. Dunn is herself a noted street photographer, and her exhibit at the Brandon will feature her photographs and videos of street art and her street artist friends, including Mark Gonzales, Margaret Kilgallen and Chris Johanson.

James Nares is best known for his remarkable abstract paintings, but he recently wowed audiences at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Sundance Film Festival with his 62-minute installation Street, a super slow-motion film of a drive through New York City streets. Nares will present Street at the Brandon and as a free theatrical presentation in the lobby of the Menil Collection on Thursday, Nov. 13. He will supplement his Menil presentation with the 1976 film Pendulum and appear at the Brandon on Nov. 15 to present a more extensive compilation of his Super 8 and video films from 1976 through the present.

Jem Cohen, well known for the uncanny street photographer’s eye that distinguished his music videos and films for the likes of Patti Smith, R.E.M. and Fugazi, had a theatrical film success last year with his Museum Hours. At the Brandon, in addition to showing several short videos, Cohen will display ghostly Polaroids he has taken of New York streets over the past 30 years. At Sundance Cinemas, Cohen will present – for the first time – a compilation of short films he has made of political street actions, including a set of “newsreels” he produced on the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Ken Jacobs will present his cinematic rendering of Occupy Wall Street, Blankets for Indiansin 3D at Sundance Cinemas on Nov. 15. A legendary avant-garde filmmaker, Jacobs has long been known for his experimentation with 3D film and perception. The street photographs and videos he will present at the Brandon are also exhibited in 3D. Both Cohen and Jacobs were deeply inspired by the classic street photography film In the Street by Helen Levitt, Janice Loeb and James Ageeand the pair will show and discuss it, as well as their own gallery exhibits, at the Brandon on Nov. 13.

For more information, visit:

  • Wednesday | Nov. 12

    4:00 PM Exhibition opening and screening of Everybody Street presented by Cheryl Dunn (Brandon Gallery)   

  • Thursday | Nov. 13

    3:30 PM Ken Jacobs and Jem Cohen present In the Street and other films (Brandon Gallery)
    7:00 PM Street and Pendulum with James Nares (Menil Collection Lobby)
    8:00 PM Daniel Ziv’s Jalanan (“Streetside”) (Brandon Patio)

  • Friday | Nov. 14
    2:00 PM Robert Frank: C’est Vrai and Keep Busy with DeeDee Halleck (MFAH Brown Auditorium)
    4:05 PM Same Streets, Different Worlds with Jem Cohen (Sundance Cinemas 8)
    8:00 & 9:15 PM Manfred Kircheimer’s Stations of the Elevated (Cafe Brasil/Brandon Patio)
  • Saturday | Nov. 15
    1:00 PM Blankets for Indians in 3D! with Ken Jacobs (Sundance Cinemas 2)
    4:00 PM The Films of James Nares (1976-2012) with James Nares (Brandon Gallery)
    10:00 PM Cinema Arts Celebration at Cafe Brasil and the Brandon Gallery